Form and document requirements - China - China Interbank Bond Market


Please refer to the attached checklist on the forms and documents required for the China Interbank Bond Market (CIBM).

HSBC is able to provide simple and limited translation services for CBL’s customers. If a detailed translation is required, HSBC can refer a translation agent to CBL customers. The translation fees will be borne and paid directly to the translation agent by the CBL customer.

Customers must send the forms and documents via CBL and address them to:

Clearstream Banking S.A. Singapore Branch
Settlement Operations
9, Raffles Place
#55-01 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619

Note: The form and document requirements are subject to change.

Note: To obtain the latest version of the Letter of Appointment (LOA), customers are requested to contact Clearstream Banking Client Services or their Relationship Officer.

Customers must send a SWIFT MT599 free-format message upon submission of the completed documents and forms with the following details:

Attn: Settlement Singapore
Name of Applicant:
Registered address of Applicant:
Business Category:
Source of Fund:
CBL Account Number for CIBM:

For use in the CIBM, we request to:

  1. Open one Basic RMB account with PBOC and HSBC China in the name of [Applicant's name].
  2. Open one Special RMB cash account with PBOC in the name of [Applicant's name].
  3. Open one master securities account and one master RMB cash account with HSBC China, in the name of [Application name].
  4. Open account with CCDC, SCH and CFETS in the name of [Applicant's name] and apply for DVP settlement with CCDC and SCH respectively.