Securities trading - South Korea


Key market-tradable securities

Denomination currencyMaturity
payment frequency
Place of settlementForm
Stock Market Division-listed securities:
KRW1, 3 or 5 yearsFixed or floatingQuarterly, semi-annual, annualKSDBook-entry
KRWNot applicableNot applicableNot applicableKSDBook-entry
Equity-linked warrants
KRWVariousNot applicableNot applicableNot applicableBook-entry
KOSDAQ Market Division-listed Securities:
KRWNot applicableNot applicableNot applicableKSDBook-entry

Trading platforms

Ordinary shares, preferred shares, warrants, government and municipal bonds, corporate bonds, beneficiary certificates and mutual funds are listed on the KRX. Equity trading represents most of the activity on the KRX. Although bonds are listed on the KRX, most bond trading is over-the-counter. Exchange traded funds are listed either on the KRX or the KOSDAQ.

Tradable lots

The stock trading unit (board lot) is ten shares for the KRX and one share for the KOSDAQ. Securities with previous day closing prices that exceed KRW 100,000 are permitted to be traded in odd lots during regular trading sessions. Odd lots are also traded by securities companies during after-hours trading sessions.