Securities trading - Thailand


Key market-tradable securities

Denomination currencyMaturity
payment frequency
Place of settlementForm
Government bonds
THB1-20 yearsFixedSemi-annualBOTPhysical; registered
State enterprise bonds
THB1-20 years, mostly 7-10 yearsFixedSemi-annualBOTPhysical; registered
Corporate bonds
THB1-10 years, mostly 3-5 yearsFixed or floatingSemi-annual or quarterlyTSDPhysical or scripless (book-entry); registered
Commercial Papers (including Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes)
THBUp to 5 years, mostly 1 week to 1 yearAt discount
or fixed
Discounted CPs:
once at purchase;
CPs with interest:
once at maturity
PhysicalPhysical; bearer or registered
Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
THBUp to 5 years, mostly 3-12 monthsAt discount
or fixed
Discounted CDs:
once at purchase;
CDs with interest:
once at maturity
PhysicalPhysical; bearer or registered
THB--Semi-annual, annualTSDBook-entry; registered local and foreign, NVDRs a

a. Local Shares, usually held by Thai residents, may also be purchased by non-Thai residents (see “Registration” in Settlement Process). They have a different ISIN from that used for Foreign Shares and for NVDRs. Foreign Shares and NVDRs are usually held by non-Thai residents.

Trading platforms

Stock Exchange of Thailand

Trading on the SET is performed through SET CONNECT, a fully computerised trading system that offers two main alternatives:

  • AOM: Brokerage members key in their offers from their offices. The orders are sent through the SET’s computer and executed according to the price and time priority.
  • TR or Trade Report (formerly called "put through trading"): Buying and selling brokers conduct negotiations directly and confirm the TR transactions through the SET’s computer.

Board lots and odd lots

Shares with a market price of up to THB 500 are traded in board lots of 100 shares. Shares exceeding this unit price are traded for six consecutive months in board lots of 50 shares. Any other sizes are treated as odd lots.