Taxation - Thailand


Withholding Tax on interest income, redemptions and dividends

Corporate Bonds

15% on interest payments / redemptions

Withheld at source, unless double taxation treaty states otherwise.
Government bonds, Bank of Thailand (BOT) bonds & state-owned enterprise bonds, which are:


Interest income derived from government bonds, BOT bonds and some state-owned enterprise bonds, which are:

  1. Bank of Agriculture & agricultural cooperatives
  2. SME Development Bank of Thailand
  3. Government Savings Bank
  4. Islamic Bank
  5. Small business credit guarantee co-operations
  6. EXIM Bank (Export-Import Bank of Thailand)
Equities, Unit Trusts

10% on dividend payments

Withheld at source.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Fixed Income and Equities


According to Revenue Code 70(4), the local buying broker shall be the one who is responsible to withhold the 15% CGT and submit it to the Thai Revenue Department by the 7th of the following month. As such, sales proceeds received by the selling investor shall be net of CGT. CBL customers who buy and sell securities in this market will themselves be responsible for paying any capital gains tax, penalties or interest that may be charged by the tax authorities.


Government bonds and BOT Bonds which are acquired before 13 October 2010 (trade date) – CGT will continue to be exempted.

Government bonds and BOT Bonds which are acquired on or after 13 October 2010 (trade date) – will be subjected to CGT unless the double taxation treaty states otherwise.