Other services - Armenia


Bridge settlement

Armenian securities are not eligible for settlement through the Bridge with Euroclear Bank.

Securities lending and borrowing

Armenian securities are not eligible for CBL’s securities lending and borrowing program.

Disclosure requirements

Please refer to the Disclosure Requirements - Armenia.

Tax services

Government debt issued by the Sovereign state of Armenia are taxed at 10% as the Clearstream Banking S.A. Nominee account is recognised as a foreign entity.

Corporate debt issued in Armenia by international financial institutions or supranational (IFIs) bonds are not taxable.

Foreign exchange

Foreign exchange services in AMD are automatically available to customers. To complete foreign exchange conversions for AMD, customers should contact CBL’s Treasury Desk directly by an authenticated communications medium by 11:30 on SD-2.

Holding restrictions

Any investor that must be taxed at a higher rate compared to the ones listed above are not allowed to hold Armenian securities with Clearstream Banking S.A.