General information - Georgia


CBL-eligible security types

  • Government bonds;
  • Supranational and international financial institutional (IFI) bonds;
  • Corporate bonds (following acceptance process in CBL).

CBL-non-eligible security types

  • Equities;
  • Corporate bonds.


Bank of Georgia Headquarters
29a Gagarin Str.
Tbilisi 0160

Depository Code: 51

Cash correspondent details

Currency:Georgian Lari (GEL)
CCB name:Bank of Georgia
CBL account:GE18BG0000000570221000

Foreign nominee holder account

The securities in Georgia are fully dematerialised and are held in the direct nominee account participant at the National Bank of Georgia or at Georgian Central Securities Depository.

The securities are held in the “Bank of Georgia client nominee account” on behalf of CBL customers.

Clearstream maintains two indirect links via Bank of Georgia:

  1. Indirect link to the National Bank of Georgia (for sovereign debt) and;
  2. Indirect link to the Georgian Central Securities Depository (for supranational and IFI bonds).

The table below summarises Clearstream Banking's setup for settlement services related to the Georgian market.

NameAccount holderLink typeSecurity type
National Bank of GeorgiaClearstream Banking S.A. via Bank of Georgia client nominee account at the CSDIndirect link, via Bank of GeorgiaSovereign debt
Georgian Central Securities Depository

Clearstream Banking S.A. via Bank of Georgia client nominee account at the CSD

Indirect link, via Bank of GeorgiaSupranational and IFI bonds