General information - Russia


CBL-eligible security types

  • Government bonds (OFZ);
  • Corporate bonds (issued after 1 January 2012);
  • Municipal bonds (regional government debt securities considered as tax-exempt) issued after 1 January 2012;
  • CSD-eligible equities;
  • NSD-eligible equities.


19 Valvilova Street
Moscow 117997

Depository Code: 3R

Cash correspondent details

Currency:Russian Ruble (RUB)
CCB name:Sberbank of Russia, Moscow
CBL account:30111810200000001300
SWIFT address: SABRRUMM012

Note: Customers cash instruction in RUB should ensure that their MT103 and MT202 provides certain details such as Transaction type (VO) code and description of payment purpose (for example, funds transfer, transfer counterparty, own money transfer, FX deal, money market deal, invoice payment etc.) to comply with currency control requirements.

Customers paying RUB to Sberbank of Russia, Moscow in favour of CBL should ensure that their CCB provides certain details (see Receipt of funds at Sberbank of Russia, Moscow under Other services - Cash services).

Foreign Nominee Holder account

The Foreign Nominee Holder account that CBL has with NSD (Russian CSD) can be used for both CSD-eligible and NSD-eligible equities.