Settlement services - Belgium - Investment funds not eligible in CFF


Procedures for domestic counterparties

 Procedure for the domestic counterpartyDeadline
Investment funds not eligible in CFF

Deliver to / Receive from: KBSEBE22XXX (KBC Bank NV)
For the account of: CEDELULLXXX A/c No: 0126426000

In favour of / By order of: name and account number of CBL customer.

Market deadline

Allowed countervalue difference

Not applicable; for investment funds not eligible in CFF, direct settlement against payment with domestic counterparties is not supported.

Management of failed instructions

Unconfirmed receipt instructions with domestic counterparties remain pending until they settle or are cancelled. If instructions remain unsettled for 10 business days in the domestic market, they will automatically be cancelled by the depository and the securities will be re-credited to the appropriate customers' accounts on SD+11. 

New issues settlement

Transactions in new issues are settled on the day on which the distribution occurs in the Belgian Market. For confirmation times, please refer to Settlement times.