Custody services - Belgium - Investment funds not eligible in CFF


Income collection

 Service offeredRemarks
Notification to customersAny agent fees charged on coupon payments on foreign securities held in Belgium will be reported to the underlying customers when applicable.
 Standard reporting.
Payment of proceeds
 Dividend payments are credited with same-day value to the customer's account at the start of real-time processing of the dividend payment date.

Corporate actions

Customers may instruct CBL to carry out options foreseen in the prospectus of the investment fund. These options include, but are not limited to, exercises of warrants.

CBL also advises customers of unforeseen voluntary and mandatory events upon receipt of information from the Belgian market.

 Service offeredRemarks
Notification to customersNo specific deviations from standard reporting provided by CBL apply to the Belgian market.
 Standard reporting. On voluntary and mandatory events, CBL informs customers, on an “as and if received” basis, of unscheduled securities events occurring on account holdings.
Instruction to CBL
 CBL collects and processes customer instructions for voluntary events, such as subscription offer, bonus issue (both automatic and non-automatic), choice dividend, exchange offer, purchase offer, repurchase offer, de-merger with or without instructions, redemption in shares etc.

Sale and purchase of rights

Not applicable to investment funds.

Proxy Voting procedures

Proxy voting services are not available in CBL for this type of security.

Entitlement compensation rules

Please refer to the Entitlement Compensation Rules - Belgium.