Debt securities - rates, eligibility, availability of relief etc. - Romania


Withholding tax

Standard rate of withholding tax:


Holding requirements/restrictions:


The rate of withholding tax on interest from Romanian bonds depends on the bond type, as follows.

Government and municipal bonds

Not subject to withholding tax

Corporate bonds

Not subject to withholding tax.

Rare exception: A withholding tax rate of 16% may apply when the corporate bond’s prospectus is not approved by thecompetent regulatory body and the interest is paid to a person who is a related person of the issuer of the respective debt instrument. A related person is assimilated to “affiliated person”, that is, anyone having inside information.

Availability of relief

Click on the image for a larger view of the diagram showing the availability of relief at source and/or reclaim of withholding tax on income from Romanian bonds.

Eligible beneficial owners

Relief at source

Quick refund

Standard refund

Residents of Double Taxation Treaty (DTT) countries