Securities administration - Switzerland


Income collection

Entitlements are distributed automatically to all participants with a holding of the respective security on the Record date.

Market Record dateEx-dateBasis for entitlementStandard interest calculation rule
Dividend paymentEx date +1Payment date -2Security position on Record dateNot applicable
Coupon paymentPayment date -1Not applicableSecurity position on Record date30/360 but there may be exceptions in line with the terms and conditions of the bonds

Corporate actions

All corporate actions are processed by SIS on behalf of and in collaboration with the Swiss main paying agents.

Market Record dateEx-dateBasis for entitlement
Any corporate actionEx date +1Payment date -2Security position generally at the beginning of Ex-date

Shareholder meetings

The company creates and releases the agenda for the meeting. Publication of the agenda is mandatory and may also be assigned to a third party.

Bearer shareholders do not need to register in order to attend a meeting. Shareholders wishing to attend a meeting need a confirmation of holding, which is issued upon request by the shareholder's custodian. For registered shares, shareholders have to follow the instructions in the documentation sent by the registrar. They are asked to return the reply card to the company, the registrar or the independent proxy representative.

Proxy voting

Admittance cards and voting material can only be requested for bearer shares. For registered shares, the companies generally provide the admittance cards and voting material automatically to the registered shareholders. It depends on the company's articles of association whether a registered nominee has voting rights or not. Furthermore, Shareholders who which to participate in the general meeting need to be registered in the share register before record date (determined by the company).