Instruction specifications - Specialist Depository - CreationOnline - International (CBL)


In the following table, M=Mandatory; O=Optional; C=Conditional.

Deliver Free
OTrade Date
ODeal Price
MSettlement Processing Narrative‘Redemption’ or ‘Transfer’ as applicable
MPlace of SettlementCountry Code
Party2-character country code
MReceiving AgentName and Address
Partycounterparty’s name
MBuyerName and Address
Partybeneficiary’s name
Accountbeneficiary’s account

a. All eligible denomination requests will be passed on to the specialised depository, which will execute them on a “best efforts” basis, defined as:

  • The specialised depository will deliver the denomination choices requested;
  • The specialised depository will deliver whatever lower denominations can satisfy the request.

Delivery of the requested denomination cannot be guaranteed if the instruction is not formatted as above.