Other services - Dubai (Nasdaq Dubai)


Disclosure requirements

Please refer to the Disclosure Requirements - Dubai (Nasdaq Dubai).

Holding restrictions

An institutional investor must set up an account with a member of Nasdaq Dubai.

Foreign investors are permitted to invest in Nasdaq Dubai without limitations. They may hold securities in segregated accounts or omnibus accounts with their local custodian. There are no other market entry requirements for foreign investors.

No ownership restrictions are imposed by Nasdaq Dubai on companies that list on the exchange. However, companies that list securities on Nasdaq Dubai may be subject to holding restrictions in their own country of incorporation. For example, UAE companies that list securities on Nasdaq Dubai are subject to Emirati Law and must respect the “49/51 Rule” under which aggregate holdings of investors not resident in the UAE must not exceed 49% of the total issuance in a given security.


The DIFC is a tax-free zone within Dubai with tax exemption until 2055. Nasdaq Dubai is located within the DIFC and there are no taxes on corporate action benefits for Nasdaq Dubai securities.

As a consequence, no Market Taxation Guide is in place for the Nasdaq Dubai market.