T2S Release 5.2 - Information on the production launch in November 2021 - Update


Note: This announcement, originally published on 18 June 2021, has been updated to provide customers an update on the scope elements for T2S Release 5.2.

Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurtinforms customers about the upcoming T2S release in November 2021. According to the T2S Release Concept, the release will be deployed on

the weekend 20 and 21 November 2021
for business day, Monday, 22 November 2021

T2S Release 5.2 – Scope

With the T2S Release 5.2, 13 Change Requests (CRs) will be introduced in production. They have been already approved at T2S Steering Level.

According to the “T2S Service Transition Plan”, all milestones to achieve so far have been met. On 3 November 2021, testing in the T2S Pre-Production Environment (UTEST) is scheduled to be completed. Afterwards, on 9 November 2021, the last milestone "Market Infrastructure Board (MIB) approves the R5.2 deployment to Production" will be reached before the start in production.

With this Announcement, CBF provides to customers an update on the scope elements for T2S Release 5.2 and indicates if the modification might have impact on CBF customers acting in ICP and / or DCP mode:

  • Overview CRs

The report attached shows all approved T2S Change Requests (CRs). Customers acting in DCP mode will find an indication whether a CR requires an update of the XSD files (please refer to column “XSD Change for DCP”). More details on these requirements can be found in the related ECB documentation2.

At present, 13 CRs are scheduled for implementation by T2S. Based on the latest planning, the launch of CR "T2S-0722-SYS: Upgrade of non-repudiation for U2A", which was originally planned for implementation in 2021 is scheduled for T2S Release 6.0 in June 2022.

  • Problem Tickets

CBF regularly reviews the lists of outstanding PBIs provided by T2S.The analysis of the list published mid-October 2021 shows no T2S Problem Tickets (PBIs) that may have an impact on customers acting in ICP and / or DCP mode.

  • Transition plan

The installation of T2S Release 5.2 into production is planned for the third weekend in November 2021. The deployment will be executed via the “Release Weekend Schedule”. In line with the deployment approach of previous T2S Releases, the schedule of the T2S Operational Day will be modified due to the implementation activities. The deployment will start after the end of day procedure (“T2S End of Day”) on Friday, 19 November 2021 has been completed. On 22 October 2021, CBF provided an indicative timeline for changes in the operational day during the deployment weekend.

CBF Enhancements for the T2S Release 5.2

CBF aims to mitigate the impact on customers operating in ICP mode as much as possible. Functional enhancements delivered by T2S will be included in CBF's scope of services. CBF will adapt functionalities and the automated connectivity channels (SWIFT, MQ or File Transfer (FT)) according to the future service level. Based on the analysis of the T2S Change Request documentation provided by T2S, the adjustments that will be effective for customers in ICP mode will be implemented by CBF without any impact on customers.

In preparation for the implementation of the European Collateral Management System (ECMS) in November 2023, changes will be deployed on T2S in advance. The adjustments result from the Change Requests:

  • T2S-0680-SYS “T2S should allow ECMS to receive flat file statement of holdings, transactions and pending instructions at the level of securities accounts” and
  • T2S-0714-SYS “T2S should allow ECMS to receive the notifications of relocation instructions (sese.032 and sese.025)”

The data about the collateralisation used in ECMS results from transactions settled through T2S Securities Accounts (T2S SAC). These accounts currently do not have a special flag that provides clear information on the use of collateral for transactions with central banks. Against this background, a flag needs to be established for all T2S Actors so that it can be identified whether a customer maintains a collateral account relevant for the ECMS.

The above-mentioned Change Requests require changes in CBF systems. CBF will provide information on customer and transaction data to ECMS based on the definition made by T2S in due time. Customers using the T2S Auto-Collateralisation Service will receive separate information on this. If the implementation approach shows that further customer data needs to be collected by CBF, customers will be asked to provide these details in time to prepare for the implementation.

Customer simulation

The simulation activities will be conducted in a “free simulation mode”. The already established static data for CBF accounts and the related connectivity settings in the CBF customer simulation environment (IMS23) remain unchanged.

According to the ECB planning, the updated software for the T2S Release 5.2 has been installed on Friday, 24 September 2021 in the T2S Pre-Production Environment (UTEST). A dedicated webpage provides information on the availability of the CBF customer simulation environment (IMS23).

Customer readiness

The schedule below shows the remaining milestones related to the T2S release in November 2021:

November 2021

9 November

Market Infrastructure Board (MIB) approves the Release 5.2 deployment to Production

15 November

Publication of “Timeline for the T2S Release 5.2 Deployment Weekend”

22 November

Go-live T2S Release 5.2 and functional launch of CBF T2S related enhancements


For further information, customers may contact Clearstream Banking Client Services or their Relationship Officer. Questions related to the technical connection can be addressed to Connectivity Support. Particular questions related to the production launch in November 2021 will be routed to the experts of the T2S Release Management.


1. This Announcement is published by Clearstream Banking AG (CBF), registered office at Mergenthalerallee 61, 65760 Eschborn, Germany, registered with the Commercial Register of the District Court in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, under number HRB 7500.

2. Details about the scope elements of T2S Release 5.2 are published on the ECB's website.