T2S Release 6.0: Production launch postponed to 4 July 2022 - Final update


Note: This announcement was originally published on 7 March 2022 and adapted on 17 March 2022 and 5 April 2022. The related customer announcements were updated, the modification date is highlighted.

On 7 March 2022, Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt1 informed customers about the change of the indicated deployment date for TARGET2-Securities (T2S) Release 6.0. According to the notification published by the European Central Bank (ECB), the implementation of the entire scope will be delayed to 

the weekend 2 and 3 July 2022
for business day, Monday, 4 July 2022

as agreed with the involved CSDs and central banks.


On 15 March 2022, the decision was made by T2S CSG Group that the scope elements implementation of T2S Release 6.0 will be introduced on 4 July 2022. The following information was provided by the ECB for circulation to the T2S Actors:

Confirmation of three-week postponement for T2S release 6.0

16 March 2022

In close cooperation with the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) CSD Steering Group and the two Network Service Providers, the Market Infrastructure Board has confirmed the rescheduling of both (i) the start of user testing for release 6.0 of T2S and (ii) the deployment of that release in the production environment. Both dates are being pushed back by three weeks: user testing is now scheduled to start on 2 May 2022, and the release is set to be deployed in the production environment on 2 July 2022. This decision follows a previous communication on 4 March 2022.

The postponement affects all scope items allocated to the T2S Release 6.0 and thus all CBF customers are impacted regardless if they are acting in ICP and / or DCP mode.

Next steps

The implementation of all projects with a T2S dependency will be postponed together with the T2S Release 6.0 to 4 July 2022. Regarding CBF, these are:

  • OneClearstream migration to Denmark (D22009).
  • First release of the D7 project (D22017). The technical description has been available since 22 March 2022.
  • Stock Exchange Transactions Go OTC (SET-GO) project, Phase 2
    The simulation as well as the related migration weekends in the testing environment and the implementation will be postponed by three weeks. The following publications have been updated:
    • CBF July Release 2022 – Customer Simulation Guideline
      The registration for simulation via the CBF June Release 2022 – Customer Simulation Registration Form remains valid. The application period ended on 18 March 2022.
    • Additional Data Field “CBF-i Konto“ in the KUSTA Data Carrier “CBF customers” (D22019). The functional description was published on 28 March 2022
    • CASCADE: Instruction references – Reallocation of number ranges (D21056). The latest version is available since 1 April 2022.
    • MT537 Statement of Pending Transactions – Introduction of additional query types (D22006). The enhanced version has been made available on 1 April 2022.
    • SET-GO Customer Migration Guide. The initial version, which will be updated after the publication of the T2S Deployment Plan, was published on 19 April 2022.
    • Stock Exchange Transactions Go OTC - Introduction Note CSD Migration (February 2022)An updated version has been available since 29 April 2022.

Details regarding the implementation of the latest release for the Clearing Platform C7 can be retrieved on the Eurex Clearing homepage.


If you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Officer. Specific questions regarding the implementation of T2S Release 6.0 will be provided to and answered by the Customer Readiness Team.


1. This Announcement is published by Clearstream Banking AG (CBF), registered office at Mergenthalerallee 61, 65760 Eschborn, Germany, registered with the Commercial Register of the District Court in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, under number HRB 7500.