Telephone Line Recording

Customers should note that, as is normal practice within financial organisations, Clearstream Banking S.A., and all other Clearstream entities, branches or representative offices (1) have implemented telephone line recording. The main purpose of telephone line recording is to ensure that the interests of Clearstream and of its customers are protected against misunderstanding or miscommunications under the provisions of the applicable laws.

Recorded telephone conversations may be listened to for the purpose of clarifying the content of business dealings.  

  • Determine whether business dealings have been conducted;
  • Determine the content of business dealings that have been conducted;
  • Collate evidence in preparation for arbitration, litigation or private settlement negotiations;
  • Determine what information has been provided to third parties including statements made to the press.

(1)    Clearstream Banking S.A,  Luxembourg ,  Clearstream Services S.A., Luxembourg,  Clearstream International S.A., Luxembourg, Clearstream Banking S.A., Singapore Branch, Singapore, Clearstream Global Securities Ltd., Cork, Ireland, Clearstream Banking S.A., , UK Branch London, United Kingdom, Clearstream Operation Prague s.r.o., Czech Republic, Clearstream Banking S.A. Representative Office, Zürich, Switzerland, Clearstream Banking S.A., Representative Office, New York, U.S.A., Clearstream Banking S.A. Representative Office Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Clearstream Banking S.A. Representative Office, Hong Kong, China, Clearstream Banking Japan Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, Clearstream Banking  AG, Frankfurt.