Format description CSV file


In the course of income payments, redemptions and other corporate actions paying agents can request Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt (CBF) to destruct affected coupons/securities. CBF offers the delivery of destruction protocols electronically as a CSV file.

CBF’s Donation Account Service includes the settlement of corporate actions on holdings as well as the settlement of submissions of due coupons from third parties. In respect to the movements on the donation accounts, CBF creates account statements on a daily basis and reconciliation balances on a monthly basis.

As a result, CBF customers receive, upon request, a CSV file, which will be available for download from the CBF Fileservice or via file transfer after the evening batch run. With the exception of income payments, the CSV file includes information about the security numbers of the destructed certificates. In addition, CBF offers the service to create (coupon) statements for income payments and redemptions as a CSV file.

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