Equities - rates, eligibility, availability of relief etc. - Portugal (securities held in BNP Paribas Securities Services)


Withholding Tax

Standard rate of withholding tax:


Holding requirements / restrictions:


Availability of relief

Since 14 December 2020, Clearstream Banking AG (CBF) has become withholding agent and no relief at source/quick refund is available through BNP Paribas Securities Services (BNP) any longer. Only standard refund on dividend payments made by BNP 11 December 2020 are available through BNP.

Eligible beneficial owners

Relief at source

Quick Refund

Standard Refund

Residents of a Double Taxation Treaty (DTT) country




A partial standard refund is available to a beneficial owner that is a resident of a DTT country. The customer can reclaim withholding tax on behalf of the beneficial owner through Clearstream Banking by submitting the appropriate documentation.

A full standard refund is not available through Clearstream Banking.