SWIFT Case Study

Clearstream leverages SWIFT and ISO 15022 to support interoperability

Clearstream and SWIFT have joined forces to publish a case study that looks at how the use of international standards such as ISO 15022 have helped us achieve our interoperability strategy with less complexity, faster time to market, no migration costs and lower project costs.

Our new settlement engine meets market demand for improved efficiency in cross-border settlement and custody processing. An optimised internal environment coupled with ISO 15022 real-time messaging delivers, via an interoperability strategy, the same high service levels that can be achieved through an integration approach - but to all markets, rather than to a limited set.

This interoperability achievement delivers benefits that go beyond settlement; customers now have a more efficient use of collateral and improved asset servicing.

By taking advantage of SWIFT and ISO 15022, we enable our customer to maximise the value of their own infrastructure investments and reap the benefits of improved efficiency and STP. The case study is available here.