Group news: Blockchain is a key opportunity

Deutsche Börse Group has already invested in various Blockchain initiatives. Jens Hachmeister, head of DLT, Crypto Assets and New Market Structures, explains the importance of blockchain, his new team and his own motivation to drive this growth area to the next level for the Group.

First markets migrate to investor-CSD model

Clearstream has migrated the first markets to its investor-CSD model, referred to as OneClearstream, the first fully-fledged cross-border settlement service augmented with asset servicing functionalities of the T2S era.

Report: Managing data - a necessity and an opportunity

Digital technology has led to strong growth in the creation and storage of data but challenges regarding standardisation threaten to limit the exploitation of this resource in the funds space. The third in a series of survey-based research reports "What’s next for funds" assesses the situation.

Clearstream - your connection to the Renminbi

China's capital markets are becoming ever more international. Clearstream's global infrastructure helps clients to access this increasingly important market.