Bridge enhancements - phase 2 agreed

Implementation work for phase 1 of the Bridge enhancements has been completed successfully. Phase 2, which will further enrich interoperability between the two ICSDs, has also been confirmed.

Meet your EMIR requirements with Clearstream

Customers can count on Clearstream’s support for managing both cleared and uncleared OTC derivative trades in an efficient and secure manner in line with EMIR.

Clearstream - your gateway to T2S

Clearstream will join the common European settlement platform TARGET2-Securities (T2S) in September 2016. By consolidating all eligible assets at Clearstream, the largest T2S participant, customers will reduce their costs and improve their liquidity and collateral management.

Servicing German federal government debt in T2S

Bunds will account for a large percentage of government debt settled on TARGET2-Securities (T2S). Clearstream’s CSD in Germany is particularly well set up for handling this important asset class.