Consolidate issuance via eMission to reach your European investor base


Clearstream’s automated issuance platform eMission – well established in the German CSD infrastructure – serves as the heart of the European Issuer Portal (EIP) providing high-volume, cross-border, multi-currency and multi-asset type solutions to reflect today’s capital market dynamics, regulatory environment and investor demand.

Efficiency gains

The key objective of the European Issuer Portal (EIP) is to harmonise Europe’s fragmented issuance landscape and to offer issuers automated one-stop-shop issuance services and an extended reach to international and domestic counterparties. New technologies for electronic issuance, such as an intuitive online portal, further increase service standards.

Enabler for growth

An efficient issuance process allows for further product diversification, a larger offer on a pan-European basis and acts as enabler for growth. Efficiency gains and economies of scale thanks to a sliding fee schedule create further growth and market development opportunities in additional European markets.