Fund Services

Fund Services delivers state-of-the-art solutions to standardise fund processing, increase efficiency and safety in the investment funds sector. Including a full range of order routing, settlement, custody, distribution and data services for mutual, ETFs and alternative funds.

Fund Centre

The market-leading provider of fund processing services in Europe and the largest one-stop shop in 3rd party funds services. CFS provides services across the entire investment fund value chain (distribution support services, orders transmissions, safekeeping, and asset management).


The leader in fund data management and reporting solutions for the asset management industry, and exclusive provider of data and documents for Clearstream Fund Centre. Kneip helps clients manage their data efficiently and ensure compliance in a changing regulatory environment.


Vestima as the world’s largest fund processing platform provides order execution, settlement and custody services for more than 230,000 funds, ensuring highest asset safety for over 55 fund markets worldwide. It holds a commercial banking licence via Clearstream Fund Centre S.A.

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