Asset Managers

Increase sales opportunities with one single contract

We help Asset Managers take full ownership over their digital platform. We give them unique insights into distribution and customers and help gain visibility on products to distribution partners. 

Enter a unique distribution network 

Access to a global network of more than 2.500 third-party banks and insurance companies  

  • Enter a broad network of Distributors internationally and benefit from the network of Clearstream with the largest pool of third-party banks globally.   
  • Your funds will be visible by B2B Distributors and ready for custody and order routing/settlement 
  • With a contractual relationship with Clearstream Fund Centre, many B2B services will be available to you as an Asset Manager. In addition, you will enable the offering of Clearstream services to Distributors and third-party banks 

Make fund research from leading third-party consultants visible to your clients

  • Ensure That Distributors access various value-added services from independent and leading service providers as a central market infrastructure player 
  • The Morningstar fund recommendation service and Clarity AI's ESG fund ratings are offered to Distributors  
  • Fund Compass's fund selection tool with enriched information will be available to Distributors to help them select the appropriate funds 
  • Investment Navigator's share class selection tool will be available to Distributors to help them select the appropriate share class regarding the client segment and country domicile of the investor 

Obtain transparency on distribution 

Access to Provider Explorer, a web-based application

Clearstream provides you access to Provider Explorer, an advanced web-based application for Asset Managers. The online platform allows Asset Managers to efficiently and professionally manage the distribution relationship as well as to get access to transparent information on Distributors online. 

Obtain transparent reporting on a global distribution network 

Clearstream offers Asset Managers full transparency on a broad network of Distributors internationally.   

  • On the distribution transparency level, we offer a list of all Distributors, including their custody bank and account numbers
  • Additionally, Clearstream offers transparency on the Distributors holdings at the ISIN level over the history, including all information relevant to the fee management process
  • All the information is available for download in Provide Explorer 

Access to daily transactions transparency 

Clearstream allows you to get daily transaction transparency at ISIN and Distributor levels. 

  • Access the database of transactions for the last 3 months 
  • Create a customized report per user, allowing to focus on subscriptions or redemptions, different sizes of transactions, or different frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, week to date, month to date, and more)   
  • Create an alert notification for tracking significant transactions related to specific Distributors or products 

Have access to market insights and distribution trends 

Clearstream offers Market Insight, a report allowing Asset Managers to monitor the evolution of the business over the last 3 years and review their holdings and transactions with the peer group.  

  • Status overview of the business 
  • Historical overview of the business and evolution over the last three years, such as assets, flows, top-selling funds, and top Distributors, as well as trends in asset classes, fund currencies, active vs. passive, trailer fee vs. clean share classes, UCITS vs. AIFs, ESG vs. non-ESG, etc 
  • Peer group comparison 

Benefit from distributor contacts 

Clearstream provides transparency on the relevant contact person per Distributor, including name, phone, and email for a broad network of distributors internationally.  

  • All Distributor contacts are available online in the Provider Explorer application. 

Make your funds and ETFs visible to Distributors 

Access and visibility to CFC Distributors globally 

  • Clearstream makes your funds visible to a broad network of Distributors and available for fund selection in Fund Compass   
  • Fund Compass supports Distributors in their analysis and fund selection by providing fund information, fund analytics, a sophisticated fund search engine, a fund comparison tool, and much more. 

Fast time to market thanks to Product and Pricing Template (PPT) 

Clearstream makes you benefit from quick time to market for a broad network of Distributors by uploading your new products or share classes in Provider Explorer.   

  • The Product & Pricing Template (PPT) allows you to update, add, and remove products at any time and make your current universe and pricing information live immediately 

Access to Fund Compass application for Clearstream Fund Centre Distributors 

Clearstream provides Asset Managers with access to the fund selection application for Distributors called Fund Compass and ensures that Distributors have access to all Clearstream services on your products.   

  • Fund Compass is also an application allowing the dissemination of static and dynamic fund data and legal documents to Distributors.

Fund Compass - Search Fund (video) 

Fund Compass - Product Expert (video) 

Fund Compass - Fund Comparison and Data Hub (video) 

Reduce complexity and costs with centralized contract management 

Sign one global fund distribution contract management 

Clearstream offers a single contractual relationship to Asset Managers and ensures a contractual relationship with more than 500 Distributors internationally. As such, you can rely on more than 20 years of expertise in contract management as well as save costs and complexity.   

  • Centralized contract management with us enables you to benefit from the continuous addition of new Distributors over time and maintain agreements up to date with new regulatory standards 

Manage your fees 

Clearstream offers Asset Managers a solution for outsourcing the increasing complexities and resource-intensive process of managing fees with a broad range of Distributors internationally.   

  • Outsourcing the fee management process allows you to concentrate on the client and investment aspects of the sales process while outsourcing the legal and operational aspects to a professional partner 

Disseminate your legal documents 

Clearstream offers a dissemination service for legal documents to Distributors. Distributors have access to fund documents and information in all languages and countries where your funds are distributed.   

  • Disseminating legal documents to Distributors requires a DataHub and a straight-through process (STP) enabling them to collect and store documents in their own IT architecture and tools

Disseminate your fund data 

Clearstream offers a dissemination service for fund data to Distributors and ensures that your Distributors get access to more fund data at all times.   

  • Clearstream disseminates more than 1’500 static and dynamic fund data daily per ISIN to a broad network of Distributors. Such a process requires a DataHub and a straight-through process (STP), enabling them to collect and store fund data in their own IT architecture and tools.

Get Digital AML KYC Support 

Clearstream offers Asset Managers access to the ume platform, offering access to due diligence and corporate documents on Fund Distributors online.   

  • Clearstream supports Asset Managers in their regulatory requirements for distribution oversight. You will have online access to the ume’s AML KYD due diligence and corporate documents at the Fund Centre and all CFC Distributors. We also inform you about our selection and recurring monitoring of distribution partners and support regulatory or audit requests from Asset Managers 

ume AML KYD support service (video)