Transparency of transactions

Clearstream’s Transparency of transactions report ensures that fund/transfer agents of an investment fund are able to keep track of individual customer’s holdings in real-time.

Every time a position change occurs within Clearstream’s omnibus position in an investment fund subscribed to the service, a settlement report is sent to the subscribing officially appointed agent.

Officially appointed agents have the possibility to filter the type of movements for which they want to receive notifications based on the following criteria:

  • Whether primary market and/or secondary transactions shall be included in the reporting.
  • Whether corporate actions related transaction shall be reported.
  • Whether collateral management related transactions are of interest.

The report is provided in SWIFT 15022 compliant format, as MT544 or MT546 respectively, depending on the direction of the trade reported.

The report is available via SWIFT or Xact File Transfer via Internet as connectivity options.

Real-time Omnibus account sub-position monitoring

The key benefit of the Transparency of transactions report is that it is ISO 15022 based and allows customers to automate Clearstream omnibus account sub-position monitoring in real-time. This ensures more efficient provision checking in the processing of redemption orders.