The taxonomy was developed by end-to-end market experts. This lists and defines all critical information required for high quality asset servicing to investors. Essentially the taxonomy is a dataset of information requirements for a security’s life cycle, detailing the asset servicing needs for the most frequent events.

Usage of the taxonomy by Issuers, Issuer’s internal/external Legal Counsels and Issuer’s Agents, will increase operational efficiency by reducing processing turnaround times and the financial risks linked to the misinterpretation of issue or event documentation.

The taxonomy may be used as,

  • checklists, when drafting security or event documentation to clarify the drafting of some critical components and when notifying various securities’ events, ensuring completeness of information,
  • a data dictionary, when drafting security or event documentation, to ensure common understanding,
  • templates, using Excel files, relevant details to be inserted and to be sent to the appropriate recipients, to facilitate transmission of data

Additionally, specific recommendations are included to clarify the drafting of critical components within issue or event documentation.