Look-through underlying investment data

Clearstream Australia’s Look-through underlying investment data service provides customers with a single source for “look-through” data for the underlying investments of their domestic and international managed funds. The service is designed to help customers to comply with their respective Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) “Stronger Super” and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) “MySuper” look-through data reporting obligations.

Service offering at a glance:

  • Look-through data is provided each quarter for APRA reporting and each half year ended for the ASIC “MySuper” dashboard and reporting of portfolio holdings;
  • Data delivery from the source provider is tracked, followed-up (in case of late delivery) and the status reported to you on a daily basis during critical reporting periods;
  • Data is validated by applying appropriate measures designed to minimise errors and improve accuracy;
  • Inclusion within Clearstream Australia’s independent controls audit report.

At the end of each reporting period, Clearstream Australia analyses the overall process performance and provides a summary report on individual fund data receipt times, error rates and other relevant items.

Key features

  • A single source for all your “Stronger Super” and “MySuper” look-through data needs.
  • Proactive monitoring and follow-up of fund managers for any delayed data issuance or errors.
  • Dedicated managed funds data team – specialists with extensive experience and established ongoing fund manager relationships to enable rapid issue resolution.
  • Service designed to fully cover the agreed managed fund list.
  • Tailored service including optional features.
  • On time delivery of look-through data – data files at the time of choice.
  • Customised file formats available to suit your existing systems and processes.
  • Electronic capture of look-through data at source – eliminating the need to rekey data. This significantly reduces operational risk and costly errors with potential reputational and financial consequences.
  • Confidence in the knowledge that the Look-through underlying investment data service forms a part of an independent audit.

Key benefits

  • Efficiency gains – relief from potentially high-risk and inefficient activities, such as chasing multiple sources, dealing with multiple formats or rekeying.
  • Lower costs by taking advantage of Clearstream Australia’s scale and systems investment.
  • Single source for your entire look-through data.
  • High-quality data minimising risk and occurrence of rework.
  • Access to the knowledge and experience of our dedicated managed funds data team.
  • Within hours of being received, the managed fund data will be delivered to customers to align with their processing needs.
  • Resilient service that removes vulnerability in the event of staff turnover or absences.
  • Scalable service that allows customers to acquire new managed fund data at short notice.