CCP margining

Regulators are pushing for an increasing number of trades to be cleared by CCPs. While this has the benefit of reducing counterparty risk, it also creates additional complexity, as each CCP has different clearing requirements. As a result, clients have to deal with a multitude of operational frameworks and collateral profiles.

As an experienced triparty collateral agent, Clearstream helps clients to make the most of their assets through an efficient use of collateral, thereby making expensive cash margins redundant. Clearstream clients who are also clearing members can use the Global Liquidity Hub’s full suite of automatic allocation, optimisation and substitution services for their exposures with the following partner CCPs:

  • BME Clear
  • CME Clearing Europe
  • Dubai Clearing Corporation
  • Eurex Clearing
  • EuroCCP (interoperability)
  • ICE Clear Europe
  • India International Clearing Corporation (IFSC) Limited
  • Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd
  • LCH.Clearnet Ltd
  • Oslo Clearing ASA
  • X-Clear

This margining service is part of Clearstream’s wider efforts to give clients the best possible access to collateral locations around the world: both through strategic partnerships and by linking to globally fragmented exposure locations such as CCPs. Clients can use the Global Liquidity Hub to cover multiple exposure types: bilateral, central bank and CCP margining.