Fund selection and portfolio modelling for fund distributors in collaboration with Quantalys

In partnership with Quantalys, the Clearstream Fund Centre platform offers Distributors domiciled in France, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland with a front-to-back digital solution to perform funds selection and portfolio modelling on Clearstream Fund Centre fund universe.

The digital solution "Easypack" is a fund screening webtool that allows Distributors to search and filter investment funds by multiple criteria, including proprietary Quantalys categories, ratings, performance and risk, and enables the browsing among investment funds that match investment criteria set by the user.

Insights on the partnership with Quantalys

Clearstream will further expand its data, distribution, and execution services for Distributors by integrating Quantalys Harvest Group’s portfolio modelling solutions to its core distribution offering via its Clearstream Fund Centre platform.

Quantalys is a subsidiary of the Harvest Group, an independent French specialist and leader in solutions for wealth management and finance professionals. As an independent specialist in financial data, analysis and financial and extra-financial rating of financial products, the group relies on its unique and proprietary database of more than 150,000 financial products to enable the automated construction of efficient, tailor-made portfolios.  

The Easypack solution offers several features to assist in the selection of funds and the construction of portfolios.

Simplified search engine

A fund search engine giving access to fund records allowing to filter on several fields.

Fund comparator

A fund comparator tool allowing the comparison of  selected funds (up to 20) to indexes over the desired period.

Basic financial indicators

Access to numerous performance indications, financial ration, etc.(performance, volatility, Sharpe…)

Quantalys proprietary data

Access to Quantalys proprietary data points. (Quantalys fund ratings, Quantalys barometers…)

Document library

Access to fund and regulatory documents of the funds in the defined universe. (Prospectus, KIID, monthly factsheets…)

Quantitative pre-selection

Quantitative pre-selection fund by fund, allowing the identification of alternative Investment Funds based on a quantitative calculation.

Simulation and back-test

A basic portfolio simulation and back-test tool, based on a quantitative pre-selection.

Access via the Xact application

Distributors will access the Quantalys Easypack solution via a link on the Clearstream Xact application.