Liquidity Alliance Research

The members of The Liquidity Alliance will exchange information, identify common needs and extend global collateral solutions while encouraging the development of informed research, which The Liquidity Alliance will promote as a neutral source of pan-industry information, ideas and opinions.

The Liquidity Alliance will encourage greater pan-industry partnership and cooperation through promotion of expert insight, ideas and research to be shared with industry peers, media and interested parties through communication activities such as conferences and other events.

In addition to events, The Liquidity Alliance disseminates the result of research into the global collateral challenge. The following list presents an overview of recent market studies.


Strate-commissioned study on Determining the impact of the collateral management solution for the South African market


Research and consulting in financial markets, for example T2S, Collateral and Liquidity: Building a Strategy for Growth, Central Securities Depositories and the Evolution of Collateral Management and Investing in Collateral Management.

Bank for International Settlements

September 2014 report on developments in collateral management services

ICMA's European Repo Council

Papers and surveys on the European repo market such as Collateral is the new cash: the systemic risks of inhibiting collateral fluidity

Sapient Global Markets

Collateral Survey from March 2014 that shows how firms are managing and processing collateral

Oliver Wyman

Publications on financial services, including Going secured – Trends in European bank-to-client secured money markets

Reserve Bank of Australia

Australian-centered studies, for example on Currency demand during the global financial crisis – evidence from Australia and Financial regulation and Australian Dollar liquid assets

De Nederlandsche Bank

Relevant studies include Is collateral becoming scarce? Evidence from the Euro area and The post-crisis world of collateral and international liquidity