Your gateway to enhanced collateral management

Tracking and analysing collateral activity can be time-consuming. With scattered data and manual processes, gaining a complete picture of your collateral portfolio and identifying potential risks can be a challenge.

Clearstream's Collateral Insights Dashboard is your solution for streamlined collateral management. This intuitive platform consolidates your collateral data into a single, user-friendly dashboard, providing a holistic view of your collateral and lending activities.

Automated insights

Customised reporting

Optimised strategies

Leverage comprehensive KPIs and advanced analytics to gain deep insights into your collateral performance.

Analyse activity from both the giver and receiver perspectives for a holistic view of flows and relationships.

Drill down into your data by geography, asset type, product category and more to identify trends and opportunities.

Key benefits

  • Dynamic dashboard with end-of-day updates: Get insights into your collateral activity and performance, anytime, anywhere.
  • Historical data and trend analysis: Analyse past performance and identify trends to make informed decisions for the future.
  • Counterparty focus: Gain a deep understanding of your givers and receivers, including their activities and potential risks.
  • Giver and receiver perspectives: Analyse activity from both sides to understand your complete collateral flows and relationships.

Contact information

For access and information on the Xact Web Portal, please contact your Relationship Manager, Connectivity support or Client Services in your region for assistance.