Distributors and fund platforms

Clearstream's investment fund services enable universal and private banks, global custodians, investment banks, fund platforms and other investment fund distributors to move towards standardisation, automation and straight-through processing of investment fund orders along the custody chain.

Our Vestima fund processing platform covers order management and the subsequent settlement and custody in an open model, flexible enough to cope with a wide variety of customer and market requirements. This enables customers to process investment funds as simply and efficiently as other asset classes.

One stop for all fund types

Vestima provides investors with a standardised process for all their fund transactions – from mutual funds to ETFs and hedge funds.

Processing alternative funds

As alternative funds are highly complex and diverse instruments, the processing requires a greater manual effort and entails higher operational risks. Clearstream has integrated its alternative funds processing platform VestimaPRIME into its suite of investment fund services, to offer investors a superior value proposition. Customers can invest in alternative funds via the same single point of entry for orders they use for all other fund types, thereby benefiting from streamlined cash management, efficiency gains and consolidated position reporting.

Trading ETFs like mutual funds

Vestima provides an ideal solution for trading ETFs on an OTC/infrastructure basis as it enables investors to trade ETFs directly with the appointed Authorised Participant or the Transfer Agent where applicable. ETFs can be traded in the same way as mutual funds at fund Net Asset Value (NAV). Customers can leverage their Vestima access at no additional cost without changes to existing operational processes and connectivity channels.