Clearstream Fund Centre offering for distribution partners

Through its Clearstream Fund Centre platform, Clearstream provides easy and efficient access to more than 450 fund providers worldwide covering a universe of more than 80,000 funds.

Distribution partners’ benefits include:

  • Easy access to a global fund universe with a single contract;
  • Increased efficiency and reduction of legal and operational risks through Clearstream Fund Centre’s centralisation, management and maintenance of distribution agreement with fund providers;
  • Modular offering with tailored services addressing distribution partners’ needs - combining agreement management, calculation of distribution commissions and fund research with mutual fund, ETF and hedge fund execution and custody services;
  • Access to the digital front-end application Fund Compass, including powerful fund search, comparison and analysis tools as well as a comprehensive fund data hub;
  • Timely payments of distribution commissions and comprehensive remuneration fee reporting.

Extended fund research

Clearstream Fund Centre offers Fund Spotlight to support distribution partners analysing and researching the extensive fund universe. Fund Spotlight is a research service fully integrated into the web-based application Fund Compass and offered in partnership with Morningstar.

Fund Compass – A modular set-up

Fund Compass is an innovative and user-friendly application that supports distribution partners in their analysis and fund selection by providing fund information, fund analytics, a sophisticated fund search engine, a fund comparison tool and much more.

Provide tangible support

  • Clearstream puts resources, know-how and experience at distribution partner’s disposal as well as a personal relationship manager;
  • Dedicated local teams are available to respond to inquiries and make sure that distribution partners receive the support they need.

Ready for the future

  • Clearstream observes and analyses emerging trends and is deeply rooted in the fund industry. For example, Clearstream supports the openfunds initiative and is now actively involved in its implementation;
  • Clearstream’s service offerings and web applications are continuously benchmarked and improved;
  • Clearstream monitors regulatory developments attentively and supports customers in the implementation of new requirements