Distribution data

The Distribution data service leverages Clearstream’s dedicated systems, staff expertise and fund manager relationships to extend the managed funds data set well beyond standard unit prices.

Coverage per managed fund consists of the following data points, captured primarily from the FSC Investment Management Data Form IMD02P004 or other such formats from which Clearstream Australia is able to extract the three key data points, as issued by the relevant fund managers.

  • Ex distribution date.
  • Ex distribution price.
  • Actual cents per unit distribution (CPU)1.

Data samples are available upon request.

Key features

  • Single source for your distribution data.
  • Service tailored to customers’ preferred timing, fund coverage and features.
  • Proactive fund manager follow-up.
  • Stale distribution data detection and reporting.
  • Independent validation of your distribution data providing increased levels of risk control.
  • Dedicated information services team – experienced specialists with established fund manager relationships providing rapid issue resolution.
  • Latest available distribution data is captured as soon as it becomes available.
  • Sourcing and reporting fund manager expected distribution timetables to assist in planning exercises.

Key benefits

  • Satisfy your risk and compliance need for independent validation of distribution data.
  • Accurate and latest available distribution data.
  • Enhanced service levels for your clients – rapidly activate processes dependent on distribution data, such as asset valuations.
  • Efficiency gains – relief from potentially high risk and inefficient activities, such as chasing multiple sources, dealing with multiple formats or rekeying.
  • Reduced costs by taking advantage of Clearstream Australia’s scale.
  • Coverage of all fund distribution data needs from a single source.
  • Minimised risk and occurrence of rework thanks to high-quality data.
  • Knowledge and experience of Clearstream Australia’s dedicated pricing team.

Distribution tracking and reporting

Our skilled and experienced staff will carry out these high-value activities to give customers an accurate and up to the minute picture of the distribution data status for their important funds.

Key features

Estimated distribution dates are tracked by our custody operations team using a combination of manager advised dates and historical performance as the basis. Clearstream Australia uses this estimated schedule to conduct follow-up actions with fund managers where required.

Where action is taken to follow up potentially late distribution data, the details of the action are recorded. Using the data generated from this process Clearstream will report to customers at their chosen time.

Sample reports are available on request.

Key benefits

  • Efficiency gains – Liberate your resources from a labour intensive and time consuming activity.
  • Enhanced service levels to your clients by providing them with an accurate picture of any delays in the issuance of distribution data.
  • Creation of positive impression of control and a proactive management of fund managers.
  • Reduction of costs by taking advantage of Clearstream Australia’s scale.
  • Knowledge and experience of the Clearstream Australia team.
  • Single report with all information available – no need to chase multiple sources.


1. The CPU data that will be provided represents the cash distribution for the managed fund.