Clearstream Banking Frankfurt (CBF) has outsourced the settlement of German and international securities eligible for collective safe custody (CSC) to the T2S platform.

Clients can opt to communicate with T2S via CASCADE in Indirectly Connected Participant (ICP) mode. In addition, it is possible to communicate with T2S directly in Directly Connected Participant (DCP) mode. The latter is only available for clients with a DCP status.

The following communication channels are available in ICP mode:

  • Online via CASCADE-Host and CASCADE-PC;
  • ISO 15022 messages via File Transfer;
  • ISO 15022 messages via the Swift network;
  • ISO 15022 messages via MQ.

The following communication channels are available in DCP mode:

  • Online via the T2S GUI;
  • ISO 20022 messages via the SWIFT or SIA-Colt network.

In general, clients can combine the different communication channels, as required.

Note: Some CBF specific transactions and services can only be used in ICP mode.