Fund Centre offering for Asset Managers


Clearstream help Asset Managers take full ownership over their digital platform. We give them unique insights into distribution and access to distributors as well as help gain visibility on products to more than 450 distribution partners.  

Fund distribution contract management:

  • Exclusive access to a global, sizable and constantly growing distribution network 
  • Centralised contract management with both Asset Managers and Distributors and maintenance  
  • Fee management incl. calculations, invoicing and reporting, collection and re-distribution  
  • Online transparency of fees for asset managers and distribution partners 
  • Access to Provider Explorer, a web-based relationship management tool for Asset Managers 

Access to Distributors and visibility for your investment funds and ETFs  

  • Visibility of your investment funds and ETFs to all Clearstream Distributors including fund data and legal documents 
  • Access to Fund Compass, a web-based fund selection and other distribution services tool for Distribution Partners 
  • Fast time to market for a network of more than 450 Distributors 

  • Access to the Clearstream LinkedIn group for Asset Managers and Distributors 
  • Indirect benefits of all services offered to Clearstream distribution partners 

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Distribution transparency  

  • Transparent holdings reports at distribution partner and share class level  
  • Daily transaction transparency at distribution partner and share class level  
  • Analysis of assets under administration and fund flows including peer group comparison (Market Insight) 
  • Distribution partner contact person  
  • Access to historical data and reporting 

Distribution oversight support on distribution  

  • Access to a digital AML KYC / KYD platform where due diligence information and distribution partners’ corporate documents can be retrieved 
  • Available due diligence information on Fund Centre for KYD purposes

Provider Explorer: Professional distribution management

The Provider Explorer online tool allows asset managers to efficiently and professionally manage the relationship with Clearstream Fund Centre, as well as to access transparent information on distribution partners.

Key features of Provider Explorer:

  • CRM contact details for asset manager;
  • Validation of product universe and pricing (Product & Pricing Template);
  • Online repository for invoices and reports
  • Distribution partners contacts
  • Daily transaction transparency
  • Access to ume’s AML KYC / KYD support service

Overview and evolution of:

  • Gross assets under administration and fund flows;
  • Largest holdings;
  • Distribution country breakdown and evolution;
  • Breakdown and evolution per distribution channel as well as for each single asset class.

Key benefits

  • Access to a fund platform with a global footprint and access to an international distribution network
  • Access to Clearstram ecosystem including custody, order routing and settlement (Vestima), data and publication management (Kneip), STP data and document dissemination, digital ledger technology, ESG research and services (ISS), independent fund research (Morningstar), portfolio management tool   
  • Visibility of products to distribution partners, including fund data and publications;
  • Centralised fee management process for calculation, collection and re-distribution of trailer fees;
  • Insights, transparency and reporting on distribution and distribution partners;
  • Improved cost efficiency through reduced complexity and simplified processes allowing asset managers to focus on investments and clients;
  • Professional relationship management tool for your distribution

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