Triparty collateral services


Clearstream’s award-winning triparty collateral services offer you the safekeeping and monitoring of securities that are held as collateral to cover exposures of any bilateral principal agreement. As a neutral collateral agent, Clearstream handles all the allocation, optimisation and substitution in straight-through processing and in real time.

Many organisations have no overview of their collateral. Inefficiencies in banking collateral management systems can prevent the consolidation of collateral pools: both within organisations and externally across multiple locations. Up to 15% of collateral available to financial institutions is left idle, costing the global industry more than EUR 4 bn a year, according to a study by Clearstream and Accenture in 2011.

This means institutions cannot monetise all their available collateral, which can limit their operations and force them to search for increasingly expensive unsecured funding. We help clients to overcome this fragmentation and cover all their exposures from a single collateral pool.

Triparty collateral services include:

Clearstream’s collateral management system allows a high degree of flexibility, enabling more than 550 participants to customise the services they receive, in accordance with their individual regulatory and business requirements. In addition to supporting our internal clients, our system is powerful enough to also provide collateral links to external partners such as agent banks, trading platforms and CSDs.