Access and Interoperability

Deutsche Börse acknowledges the Access and Interoperability Guideline of the Code of Conduct for Clearing and Settlement for cash equities, which was delivered as agreed in the Code to the EU Commission on 28 June 2006. The Guideline has been developed by European exchanges, central counterparty clearinghouses, and central securities depositories under close consultation with the EU Commission and the trading and post-trading services customer community. It is recognized as the centrepiece of the Code of Conduct, which industry representatives from across Europe including Deutsche Börse Group agreed on 7 November 2006.

The Guideline describes common definitions, principles, conditions, and scenarios for the set-up of links between market infrastructure providers in the trading and post-trading sector. It is designed to encourage and facilitate the development of access and interoperability that will benefit customers, especially for cross-border transactions. The Guidelines also provide for a mediation mechanism to resolve potential disputes between organisations.