Meet your EMIR requirements with Clearstream

The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) is one of the key regulations adopted in the aftermath of the financial crisis to take risk out of financial markets. Mandatory clearing and reporting as well as a stricter non-cleared margin regime that affects banks’ balance sheets  results in increased costs and liquidity constraints across the market.

Clearstream offers dedicated services which help customers manage their cleared and uncleared OTC derivative trades in an efficient and secure manner in line with EMIR. These services include registration, contract administration, settlement, strategic securities lending, collateral management and portfolio reconciliation.

Once the trade is executed, Clearstream - as triparty agent steps in – to meet the margining of both cleared and uncleared requirements, leading to registry in our trade repository REGIS-TR.

The bilateral collateral management of variation margins for uncleared derivatives is not only provided by the OTC Collateral service, but also offered by triparty services for the initial margin segregation and variation margin for both uncleared and cleared derivatives. For the latter, seamless clearing  is ensured thanks to links with all major EMIR-approved CCPs such as our Deutsche Börse Group sister company Eurex Clearing.

EMIR impact on customers

Clearstream services in support of EMIR compliance

OTC derivative reporting: as of February 2014, all firms have had to report their OTC derivative transactions to trade repositories

The trade repository REGIS-TR which Clearstream runs jointly with Iberclear as well as our Deutsche Börse Regulatory Reporting Hub provide detailed reporting services.

Variation margin for uncleared derivatives: the mandatory exchange of variation margin for uncleared derivatives was introduced in 2017

Clearstream’s Global Liquidity Hub services for triparty (TCMS) and bilateral (OTC Collateral) collateral management provide customers with extensive margining services.

Initial margin for uncleared derivatives: the exchange of initial margin is being phased in from 2016 to 2021, depending on the size of the average aggregate notional amounts

Thanks to the triparty collateral management services under the Global Liquidity Hub, Clearstream acts as the triparty collateral agent for initial margin segregation and management.

Initial margin for cleared derivatives: mandatory clearing through an authorised clearing house (CCP) for specific IRS and CDS products is to be phased as of  2016

Thanks to links with all major OTC derivative clearers such as our Deutsche Börse Group sister company Eurex Clearing, CME Clearing Europe, ICE Clear Europe and LCH.Clearnet Ltd, customers can also use the Global Liquidity Hub as the triparty collateral agent for the initial margin segregation and management of cleared derivatives under EMIR.