International Securities Market Advisory Group

ISMAG Overview

The International Securities Market Advisory Group (ISMAG), established in 2007, is a major efficiency programme created to harmonise issuance and asset servicing processes of international securities primarily deposited in the International Central Securities Depositories (ICSDs).

ISMAG is unique in that it gathered end-to-end parties involved in asset servicing, with representatives from Issuers, Issuer’s agents, the ICSDs and various associations and custodians, to agree and define best practices for:

  • Providing the highest quality of asset servicing to investors
  • Increasing operational efficiency and reduce operational risk in issuance and asset servicing processes

These pages provide a summary of the best practices for operational processes related to new issues, corporate actions and income, as described in the International Securities Operational Market Practice Book (MPB). The current version is dated January 2012.

By implementing the recommendations contained within the MPB, Issuers and their Agents will, to a large extent, ensure an efficient and effective end-to-end service to investors.

From 2011, Issuers and Agents have the opportunity to market their adherence by officially joining the market framework, developed by the ICSDs after ISMAG consultation.

Within this web section, you will also find more details on the ISMAG Taxonomy, and an overview of ISMAG related News and Publications.


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