Clearstream Australia

Specialists in managed fund and term deposit custody and servicing

Clearstream Australia Limited is offering specialist custody of managed funds and term deposits for leading wrap platform providers as well as wealth managers in Australia. International players active in the Australian market benefit from Clearstream’s global investment funds processing infrastructure and services to handle the link from the domestic Australian funds market back to the global markets. Australian custodian banks, wrap platforms and wealth managers benefit from increased efficiency and international standards in fund processing.

Clearstream Australia is a market leader in providing managed fund services including:

  • Specialised custody services for managed funds;
  • Managed fund administration services;
  • Managed fund pricing & data services.

Our comprehensive range of managed fund servicing solutions are aiming to:

  • Significantly reducing your managed fund servicing costs;
  • Improving your customer’s service experience;
  • Reducing your risk;
  • Providing a scalable platform for your growth.

With Clearstream Australia customers gain access to proven technology and tailored solutions that deliver returns on investment in a short time frame. At Clearstream, we are committed to constant improvement and high-quality outcomes.

Many of Australia’s major financial institutions have partnered with us for over a decade. If you are not already with Clearstream Australia – and experiencing the results that we deliver – discover our service offering now.

Purpose-built technology

Our technology and systems are purpose-built to service managed funds with the highest levels of automation. Key strengths include:

  • Purpose built proprietary system for wrap platforms and wealth managers customer segments backed by an in-house software development team enables the highest levels of efficiency;
  • Broad client base means we can regularly invest in service enhancements to keep pace with industry change;
  • Highly resilient technology infrastructure.

Unique capabilities

Our purpose-built systems, automation and specialist skills are combined to provide unique capabilities that significantly improve your efficiency, reduce your risk and deliver a better end-client experience. Our capabilities include:

  • Leaders in industry efficiency
    Our track record in efficiency leadership started with the launch of a proprietary trading platform, Exchange in April 2003. This fund trading network enabled approximately 40% of our trades to be automated. In 2010, the platform was first in Australia to go live using SWIFT ISO 20022 automated managed funds trading.
    Clearstream Australia is an active participant in industry initiatives to improve efficiency through the Securities Market Practice Group, Financial Services Council and the Australian Custodial Services Association forums.
  • Aggregation capability
    Our purpose-built system allows aggregation of processing from many different types of portfolio structures. Portfolios can be held on the system at the individual investor level or as a single wholesale portfolio per client. Regardless of how the client requires portfolios to be held and reported, the system has the capability to aggregate all client activity to a single account with the fund manager. This in turn leads to a single set of payment, reconciliation, year-end reporting and corporate action activities for each fund. This process is entirely seamless to the client and all transactions are automatically de-aggregated prior to transmission back to them in their chosen format. The system has the flexibility to run aggregation processes intraday and aggregate activity for different funds at different times.
  • Fully automated trading
  • The combination of Clearstream Australia’s proprietary exchange and SWIFT ISO 20022 automated managed funds trading provides straight-through processing of client orders to fund managers. Our current trading partners represent a broad range of funds in the Australian market and continues to grow.
  • Ability to interface with multiple systems
    Clearstream Australia has expertise and experience in integrating with many different industry software packages. These include common fund accounting software such as DST HiPortfolio which is used by many custodians in Australia. Clearstream provides customised connections to third-party portfolio reporting systems such as the SS&C PACER system, Praemium’s V-Wrap and several others.
  • Easy Implementation
    The transitioning of assets onto the Clearstream Australia platform can be managed by our dedicated transfer team who runs the transfer process and minimise activities required by the client business. This allows customers to stay focussed on their business operations. Efficiency in the transfer process is gained through bulk transfer arrangements with many fund managers.
    Clearstream Australia can employ a customised data transformation utility and tool set integration method to match the formats of the existing service provider. This means that from the customer’s perspective, no change may be required in terms of system integration.