Clearstream Group Committees

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee of Clearstream Banking S.A. identifies, recommends and promotes, for the approval of the Supervisory Board (SB) and general meeting of shareholders, candidates to fill vacancies in the Executive Board (EB) and SB, with the objective to reach a balance and diversity of knowledge, skills and experience, as well as gender diversity among the respective members.

Periodically, the Nomination Committee also assesses the general structure and performance of the EB and SB, and makes related recommendations to the SB for improvements.

It also assesses the knowledge, skills and experience of the respective boards, on an individual and collective basis.

The Nomination Committee is composed of:

  • Andre Roelants (Chairman)
  • Dr. Stephan Leithner
  • Ernst Wilhelm Contzen

Customer Consultation

CI Board (CI Advisory Board)

The Clearstream International S.A. (CI) Board's main tasks and competencies are to provide, in the areas of expertise of its members, the CI SB with advice and recommendations on any matter of relevance for the Company. The CI Advisory Board meets two times per year.

Customer Consultation Committee

The Customer Consultation Committee (CCC) is a forum for topics with strategic relevance for CBL and its customers to anticipate and understand the needs and expectations of the CBL customer base even better. Subject matters discussed at the CCC are usually related to CBL and marketwide initiatives, their development and potential impact on the market landscape and its various players. Some of the CBL's customers are permanently represented at the CCC, which meets twice a year.