Specialised fund data services

Clearstream Australia’s position as a specialist custodian and funds administrator allows us to maintain a rich library of fund information that provides meaningful insights into the managed fund universe.

This service offering falls into two main categories:

Fund analytics

Key features 

  • Quantitative analysis of settlement and other key operational performance measures for managed funds.
  • Statistics are drawn from Clearstream Australia’s trading universe with current coverage of over 100 fund managers active in the Australian market.
  • Reports provide industry standard comparison to investors, distributors, manufacturers and other service providers in the managed fund value chain.
  • Trade analysis report shows fund manager registry performance in terms of deposit and redemption processing turnaround times. Comparisons are provided against the fund manager’s own service standards as well as peer group benchmarks.

Key benefits

  • Meaningful insights into key operational characteristics and trends that drive the costs and risk of your business.
  • Data based insight into the operational performance of the underlying fund managers.
  • Assessment of fund manager performance against a range of key operational criteria.

Fund attribute data

Clearstream Australia is able to provide a complete service for the setup, daily support and maintenance of our customer’s managed fund menu.

Key features 

  • Fund Setup – collation, validation and transmission of all required fund data to complete the setup of the fund in your system.  The data will be formatted to align with our customers’ existing systems and processes.
  • Fund Maintenance – continuous  monitoring, collection and validation of changes to fund data. Clearstream Australia will monitor any changes to fund data and provide an update file in the format required by the customer on the day the changes are notified to us.

Key benefits

  • Efficiency gains – Remove a discrete set of activities, freeing up resources as no more chasing of multiple sources is required.
  • Opportunity to  plug in additional Clearstream Australia services with minimal setup and lead time once the Fund Attribute Data Service is up and running.
  • Reduction of  costs by taking advantage of Clearstream Australia’s scale.
  • Access to the expertise and experience of the Clearstream Australia team.