Notice of European Union Data Protection Terms

The attached notice is addressed to representatives of a customer of Clearstream Banking which is a participant in the Clearstream Banking system and user of the services provided by Clearstream Banking in accordance with the Governing Documents.

Please note that this notice is provided to customers of Clearstream Banking AG (CBF) for information purposes only and does not form part of the legal documentation governing the relationship between CBF and its customers.

This notice sets out how personal data is used, stored, transferred or otherwise processed by Clearstream Banking as Data Controller in relation to Individuals' Data (see clause 2) as well as the rights and obligations that apply to Clearstream Banking, when acting as Data Processor on behalf of the Customer, and to the Customer acting as Data Controller pursuant to clause 3 of this notice.

When Clearstream Banking acts as Data Controller in relation to personal data of Individuals, Clearstream Banking processes such data in accordance with the Data Protection Laws and clause 2 of this notice. When Clearstream Banking acts as Data Processor in the context of the performance of its services pursuant to and in accordance with the Service Agreement, it processes personal data on behalf of the Customer and in accordance with clause 3 of this notice.

This notice shall supplement any existing provisions regarding data protection; in case of conflict between this notice and any of the Governing Documents, this notice shall prevail.