T2S essentials

Clearstream has been supporting our customers throughout the T2S journey, firstly in the run-up to T2S migration and now as customers get acquainted with operating in the new T2S environment. The following pages will give you detailed guidance on the essentials of operating in the T2S environment, no matter whether you wish to use any of Clearstream’s CSDs or the ICSD to access T2S.

ICSD access

The ICSD approach minimises adaptations required from a customer perspective. Only mandatory changes have been passed through. 

Investor CSD access

T2S forms

In order to set up your accounts for T2S, either as DCP or ICP, a set of specific T2S forms is required.

Glossary of T2S terms

Our T2S Glossary provides definitions and a short description of the main abbreviations, acronyms and terms related to the clearing and settlement procedures with T2S in both English and German.

The Glossary is available TARGET2-Securities Glossary .

T2S Release information

Customer announcements about operational Releases concerning T2S are available here.

Customer simulation

Customer information concerning simulation opportunities for operating in the T2S environment are available here.