Take control of your credit line and collateral usage to optimise cash flow and financial performance

Trying to understand the triggers behind insufficient collateral and excessive credit line usage is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Manual data analysis often leaves little room for proactive management and strategic decision-making.

Clearstream’s Asset Liability Analyser enables market participants to take control of their financial resources with a clear view of credit and collateral usage. This innovative tool helps to achieve greater efficiency, optimise cash flow and make strategic decisions to drive your business forward.

Manage your credit line and collateral usage

Clearstream’s Asset Liability Analyser provides market participants with a user-friendly dashboard. It eliminates the need for manual calculations by visualising historical intraday credit line usage and collateral pool fluctuations. This allows clients to identify usage patterns and to pinpoint the root causes, enabling effortless analysis, proactive resource management, and informed decision-making to optimise cash flow and financial performance.

Market participants gain a comprehensive view of intraday credit usage with breakdowns by facility type, remaining collateral and historical trends.

The ability to monitor the collateral pool and gain insight into its composition and usage over time facilitates informed collateral management decisions.

Key benefits

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enhanced credit usage management
  • Improved granular reporting
  • Enhanced risk mitigation arising from settlement failure

How to subscribe

To obtain access to the Asset Liability Analyser, please send an MT599 SWIFT message or a message via the Xact Web Portal Message Exchange to the PRGConnect team.

Additionally, clients can leverage the ClearstreamXact test environment to explore this offering (this environment may have limited data).

Contact information

To obtain access and information on the Xact Web Portal, please contact your  Relationship Manager, Connectivity support or Client Services in your region for assistance.