The European Issuer Portal (EIP)


The European issuer community is looking for lower funding costs and greater investor reach. Clearstream’s automated issuance platform eMission – well established in the German CSD infrastructure – serves as the heart of the European Issuance Portal providing high-volume, cross-border, multi-currency and multi-asset type solutions to reflect today’s capital market dynamics, regulatory environment and investor demand.

Changing regulatory landscape

Among the key drivers for innovation and harmonised solutions are the changing market and regulatory landscape. The introduction of the Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) has led to a level playing field for CSDs and is pushing for a more efficient and standardised issuance process in Europe.

Economies of scale

The eMission platform offers electronic admission, issuance and distribution services allowing for end-to-end automation and integration with the issuer’s or issuer agent’s workflow process. The high level of operational efficiency and standardisation is complemented with a competitive pricing, a sliding fee schedule and an integrated mark-up/-down service.

Consolidate issuance via the eMission platform to reach your European investor base

Issuers across Europe can use the eMission platform as part of the European Issuer Portal (EIP) enabling them to consolidate all their issuance activity in a single location and still reach their European investor base.

Gateway to T2S markets

Clearstream’s CSD in Germany, the largest in the EU and directly connected to T2S, enables issuers and their agents to use eMission as the European Issuer Portal to reach investors across several markets. By using Clearstream as gateway to T2S markets, issuers benefit from lower costs through the consolidation of issuance in a single place and an extended reach to international and domestic counterparties.

Enabler for growth

The aim of the EIP is to harmonise the fragmented issuance landscape. New technologies for electronic issuance, such as an intuitive online portal, further increase service standards. An efficient issuance process allows for further product diversification, a larger offer on a pan-European basis and acts as enabler for growth.

Given eMission’s proven expertise in issuance of certificates and warrants, the EIP is also well positioned to offer structured product issuers access to European CSDs and stock exchanges, so that existing and new products can be offered on a pan-European basis.