Issuance models

Clearstream offers issuers a wide range of products and services for debt, equities, investment funds, warrants and structured products. It provides the infrastructure which enables issuers to reach investors anywhere in the world at the best price.

Our extensive distribution network provides access to investors via 2,500 financial institutions from 110 countries. This network is used by over 14,000 supranational, sovereign, financial and corporate issuers in almost 100 denomination currencies. Currently, these distribution channels connect issuers to over 50 major CSDs worldwide. In Europe, this network has been further enhanced by Clearstream joining TARGET2-Securities as an issuer CSD in 2017.

Clearstream offers three issuance models:

  • Clearstream Banking S.A., the ICSD, grants issuers access to the international Eurobond market
  • Clearstream Banking AG is the German issuer CSD
  • LuxCSD is the Luxembourg issuer CSD.

All three models are open to both local and international issuers from around the world with multiple governing laws. The Global Issuer Hub is managed from our offices in Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Prague and Singapore, thereby complementing our worldwide network with a regional presence.