In order to register for the process to settle transactions cleared through CC&G, CBL customers must fulfil the following prerequisites. They must:

  • have an existent and active CBL securities account;
  • have the status of a Clearing Member Firm (CMF) or be appointed as a settlement agent by the CMF;
  • ensure that CC&G is notified that their transactions must be settled through CBL;
  • ensure that Clearstream Banking has received and set up a Power of Attorney (PoA), as detailed in the “How to subscribe” section below;
  • ensure that CC&G has received a PoA to settle transactions through CBL.

For further information about CC&G membership please contact your respective account/relationship manager at CC&G.  

How to subscribe to the service

Customers should notify CC&G that their transactions must be settled through CBL and send a duly signed PoA to the relevant address of CBL as outlined below.

Customers should complete the PoA on their letterhead using the available template, designating the customer as “The Company” and CC&G as “The Attorney”. The PoA template and the trading venue and CCP overview can be accessed in the attachments section below if logged in as a Premium User.

The PoA must be signed by one or more authorised signatories, in accordance with the rules defined in the authorised signature lists provided to Clearstream Banking.

N.B.: When the PoA allows the attorney to send securities and cash instructions on behalf of the customer, the customer must include (an) account(s) valid for both securities and cash to allow the central counterparty to avoid any rejection of the messages sent by the attorney for that purpose.

Address details for PoA

CBL customers should return the completed PoA to the following address:

Clearstream Banking S.A.
Account Administration
L-2967 Luxembourg