Transfer Agents

Funds immediately accessible to our global investor base 

  • Our platform is the largest global cross border trading/settlement platform. 100% STP connectivity 
  • Investors access your Funds at heavily discounted rates  
  • All processes are fully automated, and funds are immediately available to our global investor base   

Central Facility for Funds 

The Central Facility for Funds (CFF) is the post-trade infrastructure designed to provide greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the settlement and custody process. 

Access the largest cross-border trading & settlement platform  

CFF and Vestima provide a single entry point and standardised process for all fund transactions - from mutual funds to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and hedge funds – and one fully-integrated set of reports and connectivity media

With more than 230,000 investment funds from 55 jurisdictions, we are operating the world’s largest cross-border fund processing platform. 

The platform offers a high level of STP processing and support of industry standards. Clients can further increase their collateral efficiency and accuracy through real-time STP connectivity. 

Reduce costs and simplify procedures  

CFF provides standard settlement services based on the synchronous exchange of cash and securities between fund distributors, custodians and transfer agents.  

The industry benefits of a central hub solution are cost reductions and simplified operational procedures leading to greater standardisation. Naturally, a structured market of this kind enables a reduction of systemic and operational risk. 

The CFF provides the market with a secure infrastructure that enables further growth of business volumes. 

Benefit from a risk-reducing infrastructure   

The openness of the infrastructure enables multiple order-routing media that exist today (SWIFT, API, CSV, Browser-based solutions, Vestima Order Routing, etc) to seamlessly integrate with CFF. 

The processing risk is significantly reduced compared to still prevailing processes in the industry where cash and securities settlement is separated. 

Furthermore, CFF enables the management of corporate actions and the distribution of trailer fees. All of which is backed up by efficient reporting services on settled positions and the provision of a central source of static fund data. 

Transfer agents benefit from a structure that reduces risk and reconciliation efforts while increasing STP processing and holding information at the distributor level. 

Full automation for Trade Order, Settlement and all associates Asset Servicing processes   

  • Full automation for Settlement, Cash management, Transfers, CA event processing, reconciliations, etc. 
  • Streamlined and consistent processes across asset classes with vastly reduced Fund set up times.  
  • Risk mitigation through fully automated DVP processes 
  • Vastly enhanced Cash settlement liquidity and improved settlement times, making cash proceeds available to the Fund at the start of each settlement date. Zero counterparty risk.