Asset services overview

As part of the Deutsche Börse Group, Clearstream is backed by a high-quality organisation with a sound financial standing and excellent credit ratings. Our custody services combine secure and reliable safekeeping of assets with industry-leading event management support.

Clearstream’s international central securities depository (ICSD), based in Luxembourg, provides custody services for Eurobonds and other instruments in  59 domestic markets around the world, as well as international securities markets.

Our German central securities depository (CSD), based in Frankfurt, offers its customers custodial services for their securities positions in collective safe custody.

Clearstream has continuously increased the quality of these processes and their standardisation. We have invested to further improve straight-through processing rates and relieve the burden on our customers’ back offices. Customers benefit from:

  • Comprehensive new issues services
  • Timely and accurate income and redemption payments
  • Proactive tax services for both relief at source and reclaims
  • Efficient corporate action notification and processing
  • Flexible proxy voting service
  • Lifecycle for income and corporate actions via SWIFT and online tools
  • Leading connectivity suite supporting exception management via Xact Web Portal.

As the pace of financial product innovation quickens, and the array of security types increases, there is an added element of complexity that providers of securities services must cater for. Clearstream’s understanding of this complex arena means we can deliver superior-quality asset servicing that meets the highest industry standards.